Uplift and inspire others at QLC with your generosity image

Uplift and inspire others at QLC with your generosity

Quality Life Center strives to strengthen and instill pride in family and community through programs and services to cultivate self-discipline, self-development, build confidence and promote cultural awareness.

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All donations help Quality Life Center continue to provide needed programs & services to our community.

Your help provides children with tools to create a life that is financially stable, socially enriching & personally fulfilling. Some of the ways your donations help QLC includes providing daily hot meals, classroom supplies, summer camp, performing arts, enrichment activities, sponsor a student, character building camping trip & so much more!

Quality Life Center's Arts, Character and Education (ACE) program provides afterschool, summer camp and teen leadership programs to help at-risk youth ages 5-17 realize their potential and further their abilities through arts, academics and character-building activities.

• The ACE afterschool program includes academic enrichment, tutoring, martial arts, visual and performing arts.

Arts: Activities such as dance, drama, music and martial arts have been shown to build discipline, confidence and resilience while keeping children engaged. Youth have the opportunity to perform and display art throughout the year and at the end of summer camp.

Character: The program utilizes research which indicates that developing character strengths are necessary for at-risk youth to succeed in school, and in life. Youth development activities promote leadership, discipline and perseverance, and instill values which will serve youth into adulthood.

Education: Tutoring, homework help and interactive, hands-on academic activities, including a STEAM program are used to increase educational achievement.

Through active learning projects, children receive hands-on academic instruction in a fun setting. Student grades are tracked, and tutors are assigned. Also included are special activities such as sailing, camping and field trips. The program is designed to promote leadership and instill values such as manners and respect.

• The "Q" summer camp is a safe place for children and teens to spend their days in the summer while engaging in enriching activities that simulate their imagination, cultivate growth, and provide leadership opportunities. The program is structured and includes field trips, water activities, performing and visual arts, hands-on academic activities and plenty of creative opportunities.

Much of the achievement gap between higher and lower income students can be traced to unequal summer learning opportunities. Many children in our community lose academic skills over the summer. Your donation will not only provide a student with the tools for success, but it will also provide a summer of discovery and lasting, meaningful, memories for years to come.

• Quality Life Center’s Teen Program provides personal, social and community development through academic assistance, college readiness activities and leadership training. The goal of the Teen Program is to decrease high school drop-out and crime rates among students, while helping youth identify goals and create a plan to succeed.

- By providing a safe place where youth can come for positive activities instead of engaging in risky behavior.

- By teaching youth appropriate social skills and providing opportunities to use those skills in the real world.

- By improving academic performance and increasing commitment to school through active learning activities.

In addition to academic projects, teens learn social skills, financial literacy, drug and alcohol prevention and college prep.

We appreciate your belief in our work and your generosity. Please consider a contribution to Quality Life Center and together we will continue our legacy to help our students reach their fullest potential.