Please join our mission of personal and community transformation. Help us demystify the world for young people through academic enrichment and performing arts. Together we can help our youth realize their highest potential. Scroll down to learn more...

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All donations help Quality Life Center continue to provide needed programs & services to our community.

Thanks to your generosity, Quality Life Center provides disadvantaged children and communities essential tools needed to thrive in today's challenging world.

We focus on the Arts, Character, and Education (ACE) for children; and newly expanded programs for the entire community. Including mental health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and workforce development.

Some of the ways your donations help QLC include providing:

  • Academic enrichment
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Classroom supplies
  • Funding summer camp
  • Character-building camping trips
  • Adopt-a-Student Program
  • Mindful breathing and meditation
  • Career and business mentorships
  • Daily hot meals and so much more!

We are committed to a better tomorrow for our students, their families, and the community!

With your donation to Quality Life Center programs, we will continue our legacy of helping children and the community reach their fullest potential.

Quality Life Center Programs

Arts, Character, and Education (ACE), designed for students aged 5-17. This program helps at-risk children realize their potential and further their abilities through arts, academics, and character-building activities.

Our three main areas of focus within the ACE program are:

Arts - Activities such as dance, drama, music, and martial arts build discipline, confidence, and resilience while keeping children engaged as they learn valuable life skills. Our students have the opportunity to perform and display art throughout the year, at the end of summer camp, and our annual Gala.

Character - Research indicates that developing a strong positive character at an early age increases the chances at-risk youth will succeed in school and life. Youth development activities promote discipline, accountability, integrity, leadership, and instill values that serve the individual and the community.

Education - Our commitment to quality education is unmatched. We offer tutoring, homework help, and interactive, hands-on academic activities including STEAM, and new online resources to increase educational achievement for students and the community.

Afterschool at the "Q": The afterschool program focuses on a holistic approach to growth and development, integrating both the mind and the body.

Quality Life Center’s Teen Program- Youth Rise Enterprise:

This program provides personal, social, and community development through academic assistance, college readiness activities, and leadership training. The goal of the Teen Program is to decrease high school drop-out and crime rates among students while helping youth identify goals and create a plan to succeed.

- By providing a safe place where youth can come for positive activities instead of engaging in risky behavior.

- By teaching youth appropriate social skills and providing opportunities to use those skills in the real world.

- By improving academic performance and increasing commitment to school through active learning activities.

-In addition to academic projects, teens learn social skills, increase their self-confidence, learn financial literacy, drug and alcohol prevention, and partake in college prep opportunities for continued success beyond high school.

The “Q” Summer Camp: Each summer, we host a program where our students can come and be guaranteed a safe, rewarding, fun experience. Much of the achievement gap between higher and lower-income students can be traced to unequal summer learning opportunities. Many children in our community lose academic skills over the summer. Your donation will not only provide a student with the tools for success, but it will also provide a summer of discovery and lasting, meaningful, memories for years to come.

Our camp offerings include enriching activities that stimulate imagination, cultivate growth, and provide leadership opportunities. The program incorporates field trips, water activities, performing and visual arts, hands-on academic activities that are STEAM-based, and plenty of creative options to grow.

Your donations have more power than you can imagine!

With your generous contribution to Quality Life Center programs, we will continue our legacy of helping children and the community reach their fullest potential.

We appreciate your confidence in our work and your continued support. Please help us spread the word by sharing this page.

We thank you so much!!